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  Organic Terrace Garden

Organic Terrace Garden

  • Necessity, Possibility and Benefits of Terrace Garden
  • Selection of crops & varieties, Containers, Implements
  • Flame, Red globe, Bangalore blue, Anab-e-shahi
  • Poly & Shade house, Garden Cage, Wire pedal etc.
  • Growing media, Potting, Nursery, Transplanting
  • Production techniques for quality grape crop
  • Watering, Manuring, Compost & Vermi-compost Production
  • General maintenance, Pest & Disease management

Grape Cultivation

  • History, soil, climate, rootstock, grafting method
  • Thompson seedless, Sonaka, Sharad SL, Krushna-Sharad
  • Flame, Red globe, Bangalore blue, Anab-e-shahi
  • Pendal, Y trellis, training, pruning, sub-cane technique
  • Hormones, fertilizers, fertigation, water & weed control
  • Production techniques for quality grape crop
  • Pest and diseases control, harvest, resin production
  • Garden establishment, yield, economics, marketing

Banana Cultivation

  • History, Importance and Usage
  • Yalakki, Cavendish, G Naine, Robasta Varieties
  • Rhizome, T C Plants, Spacing and Planting
  • Fertilizer, Micro Nutrient and Foliar Sprays
  • Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms and Remedies
  • Irrigation, Weed/Sucker Control and Management
  • Panama Wilt, Bunchy Top, Cigatoka Diseases
  • Nematode, Weevils, Stem Borer Control
  • Subsidy, Harvest, Yield, Marketing and Economics
  Agri Machineries

Agri Machineries - 1

  • Farm mechanization � necessity, compulsion and opportunities
  • Weed Cutter � Mulberry/ Tea Pruner, Paddy weeder/harvester
  • Milking Machine � Usage, Do�s and Don�ts and its Cost
  • Electric Fence � Technology, Legality, Establishment and Cost
  • ASTRA Dryer � Why, Construction, Usage and Cost
  • Poly Tunnel Dryer � Construction, Multiple Usages and Costs
  Agri Machineries

Agricultural Machineries - 2

  • Rotary/Mini Tiller, Chain Saw, Pole Pruner
  • Earth Auger, Mist Blower cum Duster
  • Mechanised,HTP,Portable & Battry Sprayers
  • Bio-Shredder,Tea Harvester & Tea Pruner
  • Coffee Harvester, High Pressure Washer
  • Petrol & Electric Lawn Mowers & Hedge Trimmers

An Introduction to EMU

  • Origin, History and Scientific Details
  • Management, Feeding and Health Care
  • Hatching Techniques using Incubator
  • Usage of Meat, Oil, Leather and Feathers
  • Economics of Egg Production and Sale
  • Economics of Chick Production and Sale
  • Economics of Meat and Oil Production
  • Domestic and Export Markets for Emu Products
  Bee Keeping

Bee Keeping

  • Scientific details of Honey Bees
  • Benefits of Bee keeping
  • Honey extraction, testing, processing, grading, packing, byproducts and marketing
  • Dammer bee, little bee, rock bee, cerena and melliphera
  • Capturing, management and equipments
  • Changing box, uniting and division
  • Pests of honey bees, wax moth and Thai sac brood disease
  Chicken Turkey

Country Chicken and Turkey

  • Country Chicken - History - Breeds - Rearing System
  • Reproduction - Egg Production - Incubation - Hatching
  • Brooding - Chick Management - Feed and Fodder Management
  • Diseases - Vaccines - Marketing - Economics
  • Turkey Bird - History - Breeds - Rearing System
  • Breeding - Eggs and Chick Procduction - Brooding
  • Feed and Fodder - Health - Management - Marketing � Economics
  Commercial Dairying Part 1

Commercial Dairying - 1

  • History of dairying, Present situation, Shed construction
  • Selection of Cows & Buffalos, HF, Jersey, Indian cow breeds
  • Murrah, Jafrabadi, Surti buffalos, Insemination
  • Failure of conception, Abortion, Pregnancy care
  • Caliving, Calf & Heifer management, Cattle feed production
  • Vaccination, Deworming, Feed & Fodder management
  Commercial Dairying Part 2

Commercial Dairying - 2

  • Feed and Fodder management on Commercial Dairy units
  • Fodder grasses, Leguminous fodder,Fodder Trees & Bushes
  • Cattle feed production and Silage making
  • Feed block,Fodder chopping & Milking machine
  • Compressor for shed cleaning, Biogas units, Mastitis
  • Foot & Mouth , HS, Black Quarter, Brucellosis Diseases
  • Milk fever, Vaccination, First aid medicines and accessories
  Dryland Farming

Dry Land Farming

  • Importance, Necessity & Principles of Dry Land Farming
  • Temporary -Permanent measures for Soil-Water Conservation
  • Bunds, Check Dam, Farm Pond, Organic Farming
  • Crops, Varieties and Crop Planning in Dry Land Farming
  • Methods of Improving Yield and Income in Dry Land farming
  • Alternative Land Use Planning, Horticulture, Agro-Forestry

Goat Farming

  • Benifits and Economics of Goat Farming
  • Climate, Housing and Stall Fed Systems
  • Shirohi, Talacheri, Boyer and Jamnapaari Breeds
  • Feed, Fodder and Silage Preparation
  • Reproduction, Kid and Adult Management
  • Parasite and Disease Management and Vaccination
  • Cost of Production, Marketing and Profit Details

Grafting Techniques

  • Grafting- what, why, how and principles
  • Season, suitable weather and shade house
  • Poly house for grafting-construction and use
  • Approach, Stone and Double grafting
  • Softwood, Rejuvenation and Bark grafting
  • Side graft, Air layering and Budding
  Herbal Veterinary Medicine Part 1

Herbal Veterinary Medicine Part 1

  • Importance and Relevance of Ethno Vet Practices
  • Why, How and Conservation of herbal Medicines
  • Inflammation-4, Mastitis-4, Mammillitis-2
  • Fever-6, Cow Pox-2, Stress-3, Yoke Gall5
  • Anorexia-4, Bloat5, Soft Hoof-2, Matritis-6
  • Prolapse of Uterus-4, Letting Down of Milk-2
  • Pain-2, Tail Gangrene-4, Anoestrus-8
  Herbal Veterinary Medicine Part 2

Herbal Veterinary Medicine Part 2

  • Repeat Breeding-6, Weakness-3, Diarrhea-9
  • Tick Infestation-6, Ephemeral Fever-6
  • Milk Yield Improvement-3, Worm Infestation-4
  • Cold and Cough-5, Poisonous Food-2, Bigiroga-1,
  • Mummified Fetus-1, Eye Problem-1, Pus-1
  • Maggot Wound-1, Paralysis-1, Paraplegia-1 Fracture-1, Slipping of Joint-2, Snake Bite-3
  Indian Cow Breeds

Indian Cow Breeds

  • Reasons for the decline in Indian cattle population
  • Scientific comparison of Indian-Exotic-Cross bread cows
  • Medicinal importance and usage of Indian cow products
  • Gir, Red Sindhi, Sahiwal, Rathi, Gangatiri, Deoni, Ongole
  • Tharparkar, Kankrej, Lal Kandhari, Gaolao, Hariana
  • Malnad Gidda, Kasargodu, Vechur, Krishna, Hallikar
  • Khillar, Amrit Mahal, Dangi, Bargur, Kangayam, Umblachery
  • Malvi, Kenkatha, Nagori, Nimari, Jawari, Ponwar, Kherigarh


  • Reasons for Failure of Mushroom Crop
  • Types and Varieties of Mushrooms
  • White Button, Milky and Oyster Mushrooms
  • Spawn Production Techniques
  • Stages of Oyster Mushroom Production
  • Contamination and Pest Control
  • Harvest, Drying and Processing of Mushroom
  • Packing, Marketing and Economics
  Organic Farming Part 1

Organic Farming - 1

  • Green revolution and bad effects of Chemical farming
  • National and International Policy for Organic farming
  • Nutrient content of organic manures and heavy metal limits
  • Japan method, Aerobic and Vermi composting
  • Panchagavya, Bio-Digester, Slurrygation, Azolla
  • Green manuring, Bio-fertilizers, Mulching, Ploughing
  • Agro-forestry, Inter and Mixed cropping, Crop rotation
  Organic Farming Part 2

Organic Farming - 2

  • National and International guidelines for pest and disease control
  • Weed control, Solaraization, Pheromon trap
  • Mulching, Trap crop, Birds, Parasites, Predators
  • NPV, BT, Pseudomonas, Trichoderma, Seed treatment
  • Organic medicines, Plant extracts, Storage pest control
  • Animal husbandry and Bee keeping in Organic farming
  • Organic Certification and Marketing


  • Introduction, usage and products
  • Soil, climate, varieties and nursery
  • Cultivation, nourishment and irrigation
  • Pest and disease control
  • Harvesting, drying and yield
  • Marketing and future prospects

Pig Farming

  • Misconceptions and Reasons for unpopularity
  • Positive and Negative, Pork speciality, Clinical Usage
  • Climate, Construction and Setting up of new farm
  • Breeds, Cross breeds and Breeding methods
  • Food, water and farm management details
  • Diseases and Health Management
  • Yield, Market and Economics

Pomegranate Cultivation

  • History, usage, soil and climate
  • Multiplication, planting, varieties
  • Crop management and pruning method
  • Hormone, micronutrient, fertilizers
  • Pests and diseases of pomegranate
  • Bacterial wilt and blight control
  • Organic cultivation and exports
  Quails Duck

Quails and Duck

  • Quiles - History - Commercial Types - Rearing System
  • Reproduction - Egg Production - Incubation - Hatching
  • Brooding - Chick Management - Feed and Fodder Management
  • Diseases - Vaccines - Marketing - Economics
  • Duck - History - Breeds - Rearing System
  • Breeding - Eggs and Chick Procduction - Brooding
  • Feed and Fodder - Health - Management - Marketing � Economics


  • A Self-Employment Opportunity
  • Climate, Selection of Site and Shed Structure
  • Pure Breeds, Cross Breeds and Reproduction
  • Management of Kittens and Adult Rabbits
  • Feed and Fodder Management
  • Diseases and Parasites Management
  • Marketing and Economics of Rabbits
  Rain Water

Rain Water Harvest

  • Reasons for Water Scarcity and Rainfall calculations
  • Quality standards of pure water
  • Check Dam, Farm Pond, Percolation Pit, Contour Bund
  • Roof Water Harvesting
  • Structures of Soil Layers and Ground Water Storage
  • Bore Well Recharge with Rain Water - Percolation Pit, Filtering System etc.

Sheep Farming

  • Comparision of Sheep and Goat and their Economics
  • Climate, Housing, Breed and Reproduction
  • Stall Fed System and Rambouillet Breed
  • Feed, Fodder and Silage Preparation
  • Disease-Parasite Management and Vaccination
  • Cost of Production, Marketing and Profit Details
  1. Banana Cultivation
  2. Commercial Dairying - 1 (Second Revision)
  3. Commercial Dairying - 2 (Second Revision)
  4. Organic Farming - 1 (Revised)
  5. Organic Farming - 2 (Revised)
  6. Goat Farming
  7. Sheep Farming
  8. Bee Keeping
  9. Grafting Techniques (Second Revision)
  10. Country Chicken and Turkey
  11. Japanese Quails and Ducks
  12. Emu - An Introduction
  13. Rainwater Harvest
  14. Dry Land Farming (Revised)
  15. Agricultural Machineries - 1 (Revised)
  16. Agricultural Machineries - 2
  17. Rabbit Farming
  18. Mushroom Cultivation
  19. Pomegranate Cultivation
  20. Indian Cow Breeds
  21. Pig Farming
  22. Patchouli
  23. Herbal Veterinary Medicine - 1
  24. Herbal Veterinary Medicine - 2
  25. Grape
  26. Organic Terrace Garden

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