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Who We Are

We are the one and only successful agricultural documentary film makers for open market sale, in Karnataka,India. We produce documentaries independently on various aspects of Agriculture and allied subjects. We even take up the production of Agricultural Corporate Films on contract. We have all technical facilities and huge visual database for the same.

Innovative farmers, extension workers, NGOs, state departments, KVKs and other training institutions are our customers. We are in the field since 2004. Our documenatary DVDs are very well accepted and appreciated by the farming community across the globe. Many organizations are using our documentary DVDs as training videos.

We are working for many agricultural universities, institutes and organisations for their audio visual projects. We are in contract with many agricultural and other corporate companies for production of demo videos and advertisement films.

Our Technical Strength

Shramajeevi Agri Films (SAF) is led by its Producer and Director, DR. Venkatramana Hegde, an agriculture graduate from UAS Dharwad. Earlier he worked for E TV Kannada at Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad as the program head for daily agriculture program 'Annadata'. Later on Hegde worked as a non-fiction Producer for Kasthuri TV, Bengaluru where he had an agriculture program ‘Krushi Kasthuri’ along with many other non-fiction and fiction programs. Shramajeevi has all the facilities for prodution and post production of any kind of audio visuals.

Shramajeevi uses true HD camera, and latest video editing softwares and other visual media techniques for agricultural film production. Shramajeevi has script writers, translators and voice over artists for all Indian languages. Hence Shramajeevi can take up AV projects of any Indian Language and of multi language.

Shramajeevi's documentary films are available in Kannada, English and Hindi languages. You can watch most them on our channel on YouTube ShramajeeviAgriFilms.
We have developed another website especially for agricultural and rural professional images. We are contributing to the field of agriculture with one more website It has contact details of innovative farmers, institutes, organisations, NGOs, corporate commpanies and all others serving farming community in India and across the globe. We have launched a new website which contains in depth articles on various important topics of agriculture

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